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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Nine west Isabella white hobo SOLD To Azwa :D

Nine west Isabella White hobo
Leather like material
Measurements: 11 1/2" X 7"
8" drop strap
Zipped top closure
1 zipper pocket.
1 wall pocket
Silver hardware.



Reena said...

do you still have this bag?

aNa MiDoRi said...

Hi Reena..

i'm sorry..i only have one ..Sorry :(

aNa MiDoRi said...

Reena!~ dak MMU gak eh? caya lah! :p hehe..congrats on ur graduation! ana grad last year ;)

Reena said...

yeap i from mmu! woahh so coincidence. i baru je grad this year.hihi. which faculty ni? u must be my senior am i rite? and thanks ana! :)

aNa MiDoRi said...

ahaks ! congrats! :)

B.Acc (FBL) melaka,tapi Beta kat Cyber :D hehehe

yea.i am ur senior :) ehehe

Hugs! Thanks

Azwa said...

ana n reena is from MMU? azwa pun =P

tp azwa wat ISE kt mlk jer...

dh grad last year gak~

btw reena, congratz on ur graduation! =)

aNa MiDoRi said...

ana MMU Melaka gaks..grad last yr gak :) B.Acc (FBL)..Cool! :p

Opsss,ni bukan MMU nye kroni nye blog..haha..kang org x mo masuk ingt utk MMU jek.ehehe :P

Congrats Reena!

Reena said...

hahaha. banyak rupanye mmu gang ni! hihihi.

belated congratulations to ana and azwa! :)
and thanks to both of you jugak :D

aNa MiDoRi said...

Hahhahahhaahahahha :p


ramai je,,kalau korek2 lagi ramai..ana mcm dah kenal ade 6 org lain (customers)MMU gak..hehhe

Take care dear...

selamat berpuasa ;)


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