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Friday, August 22, 2008


Salam lalings,

Ana sorry sangat sbb ade beberapa org ana terpaksa cancel order (HAMPTONS)

Seems like ana x bole beli banyak2 hamptons sbb bag tu baru and limited (quantities)

so ana utamakan 2 org customers (sbb dah bayar and sorang lagi dah depo) - Fiza & Kak As

and kawan2 yg lain, am sorry to announce yang u all nye bags ana x dapat nk order. :(


ari ni ana tutup order utk semua barang dari COACH boutique KECUALI utk keychains,wallets,wristlets n other accessories. ana buka orders until 24 Aug pukul 10 malam.(waktu Malaysia)- sile bayar penuh :)

i need to arrange and prepare for shipment on the 30th .InsyALLAH

For those yang ordered tapi ana x list nama dalam trip 1 or 2 ni,pls email ana order kamu2 sbb ana mungkin overlooked ur orders.

please proceed with payments. for those yang ana x receive FULL PAYMENT by Aug 28th, ana akan bawak barang2 mereka bersama2 Ana in Sept.

Harap maklum :)


Ana MidOrI ;)

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