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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Laura Ashley Shades :D SOLD TO Ina

Frame color : Black

Price : RM 135
Shipping : RM 5


Anonymous said...

kalau ada yg nie lagi lemme know ok..i want..


aNa MiDoRi said...

ok ok. ana jumpe satu je tadi,tu pun agnes dah mintak awal2..ade ramai org nak,,tapi mende ni dah xde..nnt ana tgk k? :)

Anonymous said...

uwaaaaa...nak nak jugak..kalau ada terjumpa lagi lemme know yahh..


aNa MiDoRi said...

hehehehhe..ciannye dier ..
nanti kalo jumpe ana bgtau..pray hard coz wat mase ni memang dah xde..huhu.sowwieeee :(

Nor Hanifah said...

laa ..dah abes ker...x tulis sold...kiciwa!


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