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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Hello everyone!

I would like to inform u that from now on,there are few updates made. :)

1) I Accept Credit Card payment, ONLY on full Amount. NOTE: There is an additional of 3.45% charge to the price. So i will charge u 3.45% higher than the price displayed :) And u MUST Register with paypal to ensure the transaction is Secure. The Paypal Registration is FREE. Pls Pay in USD.

2) I hope u are aware that coach handbags from Coach outlets may or may not come with dust bags. For the handbags that do not come with dust bags,i need to buy the dust bags separately and it costs RM35 each. So, if u want the dust bag,u need to pay RM 35 to purchase it. I will only buy the dust bags upon request. Sorry for the trouble. :(

3) I accept orders from COACH Boutique (full retail store) BUT u have to ask me the prices for the handbags. After u have agreed on the price given,then only i'll get the bag for u. There will be NO box given. I can't waste spaces by putting the boxes. Sorry again. Pls ask me for any further inquiries :)

Happy Shopping!~ :)

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