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Monday, December 1, 2008

COACH SLIM CARLY #11636- SOLD To Shiqin ;) Tq! ~ -

**Approximately 15" (L), 10" (H), 2" (W)

**Camel Leather with Dark Brown Leather trim

**Secure Top Zip Closure with Leather Pull

** 19" Leather strap w/ dog leash fastener on one side

with 9" drop

**Brass Hardware

**Leather Coach Hang tag

**Interior Lined with tan Satin fabric

**Interior Zippered Pocket with Leather Pull

**Two Interior Multi-Function Slip Pockets for Cell Phone etc.

SOLD!~tq ;)


Yani said...

salam... coach nie ada lagi tak??

aNa MiDoRi said...

hi yani !!

sorry dear,, i only have 1 :(

so sorry...

miMiE aZim@Sk ^V^ said...

huhuhu mau ini tp udah tada..... huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu

aNa MiDoRi said...

saba dear :p

rezki kat bag lain kot? hehehehe :p

Ana :D

Yani said...

ana... kalo ada lagi kiter nk yer .. book dulu

aNa MiDoRi said...

yani!! ana ade beli satu..baru beli..nak x? :)

miMiE aZim@Sk ^V^ said...

same design ker ana??? color apa?????

Yani said...

nak.... email me d detail plz...

aNa MiDoRi said...

hi yani..details ape u nak ek coz it's the same thing ngan yang ni..u nak yang ni kan? huhuhu..sorry la,,comment u ngan mimie masuk spam.. =(

Yani said...

is it the same price mcm kat blog u ni ke ikot yg mcm u quote tu?

aNa MiDoRi said...

same harga ni sbb the same thing ngan u x mo yang ni? yang quote tu butik outlet cheaper..

so kalau nak,,confirmkan ek..sbb ade org tggu in line kalau u x mo..hihihi :p

tapi nk clarify,, Yang ni tau,,same sebijik,,color sume same tau :) mmg bag carly ini :D

aNa MiDoRi said...

mimie..kalau ade ana bgtau..skang mmg xde dah..u x nak bag agi satu tu ? sbb ade org lain nak,,kalau jadi ke x,, email ana ek mimie :) Thanks


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