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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

COACH Soho Multiprint Hobo #11905 ~9 BAGS SOLD! ! - SOLD OUT-

Inside Details:

* Inside Zipper Pocket with leather zipper pull
* Cell phone/multifunction slip pockets
* The Coach Creed and serial Number
* D-RING for keys or accessories
* Fully lined interior with tan twill fabric

Exterior Details:

* Coach Soho Multi Print Signature "C" Fabric
* Brass hardware and Saddle leather trim
* Coach Embossed leather hangtag
* Gorgeous Braided tan leather strap with three rings
Genuine Polished Gold Hardware



zulybee said...

tanya mama nak kasi tak akha bag ni.. hhuhuhuhuhuhuhu

aNa MiDoRi said...

Boleh jek..ehehhe :P

ika said...

ana,yg nie ada lg x??

aNa MiDoRi said...

Ika,,sold out dah la babe.. so sorry :(

kat kdai pun da x nampak dah skang ni..

ika said...

whahhh,first coach yg diminati,huhuhu... xpe2 ika usha lg k?
btw, m gona post u th invite soon ;)

aNa MiDoRi said... keee..kesiannye :s

humm,,x pe..pape nnt ana bgtau k?

yay!! nnt ana datang,InsyALLAH :)



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